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Answers to All Your Landscaping Questions

How Much Does Regular Maintenance Cost?

While prices may vary depending on the size of your property and the extent of work you need done, regular maintenance packages at Harry's Lawn and Garden start at only $20!

Can You Come Out to Mow My Lawn Today?

Unfortunately, we service different areas depending on the day of the week, so it depends on your location and the day that you call. Exceptions can be made in the case of special circumstances, however.

Do We Need to Be Home for an Estimate or Service?

Not at all! However, if you're requesting service on your backyard, we will need a way to access that part of the property.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

You can settle your bill with us through cash, money order or check. Payment is appreciated at the time service is completed; however, we can leave a bill with a self-addressed envelope with you. Make sure we receive your payment before the next service. For established customers, we can provide you with a bill each month. Checks should be made payable to Harry's Lawn and Garden.

Are There Contracts Involved?

We're confident enough in our services that we feel we have no need for a contract. Also, we understand that life can sometimes change your circumstances.
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Can I Cancel, Skip or Change Services?

Yes, you can do any of the above as long as you can provide us with 24-hour notice by phone.
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What if It Rains on My Scheduled Service Day?

If we don't complete service on your property before the rain begins, we'll attempt to wait it out. If it becomes too wet to continue, we'll schedule your property for the following day. If there are several days of continued rain, you can count on us to work through the weekend to catch up.

How Often Do You Offer Service?

Services are available weekly and biweekly through the growing season, with the frequency determined by fertilization and watering habits in addition to seasonal rain.
Lawn and Landscaping Services

How Much Does Extra Work Cost?

If you're looking for shrub trimming, weeding or mulching work, the prices can vary depending on the number of shrubs and beds you have to service. We can give you an itemized estimate for the work you'd like done free of charge.
Lawn and Landscaping Services

What if I Want All Year Round Service?

Check out our full-service lawn maintenance program, consisting of all year round maintenance of lawn shrubs and beds. This service requires weekly appointments from March to October and biweekly appointments from November to February. Mulching, fertilization and tree pruning are not included but can be added with an extra charge.
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